Monday, March 20, 2017

NEWS: Your Chance to Die announces new album "Ex Nihilo"

Melodic extreme metal band Your Chance to Die (U.S./Holland) has a new album coming up in April. At the first link below you can hear the new song called "OMEGA." The new track showcases the clean and clear production to their fast and melodic extreme metal. As can be heard on the song, throughout the years the band has done a good of becoming a more serious metal band, maturing from the youthful and less experienced metalcore of their earlier days. Nowadays they show that they want to give anybody a run for their money and have the chops to compete in the field of extreme metal that focuses on catchy, energetic songs.
OFFICIAL: Your Chance To Die, which re-emerged into the death metal world with 2013's Red Cord Records sophomore effort, "The American Dream," is now to release third album "Ex Nihilo" on April 21st via EMP's extreme Metal imprint EMP Underground.
Recorded by Jamie King (Between the Buried and Me), mixed by Zack Ohren (Machine Head), and with album art by French illustrator Pierre-Alain D., "Ex Nihilo" shows the band completely reinvented with deep symphonic atmospheres, inhuman precision and brutality, and a dual-female vocal onslaught. Check out advance track "Omega" below.
On signing to EMP, frontpersons Missi Avila and Som Pluijmers said, “Your Chance To Die is honored to be a part of the EMP label group family. We are very excited about our future with EMP, the new record that we have written, and are very thankful for this amazing team we now have behind us. We have worked very hard on our new songs…to become a new band…with different, new, music…and now a great label. We are very excited to have finally have a team that believes in us to release the new album.”
EMP’s A&R Director and Operations Manager Thom Hazaert says, “We are beyond thrilled to welcome YCTD into the EMP Family. They truly are bringing something new and interesting to the Extreme-Metal table, and we’re very excited that we’re able to partner with them to bring it to the World. Obviously, many in the extreme Metal World are familiar with Som’s amazing work in Cerebral Bore, and I am confident soon YCTD will be a household name in that regard as well.”
BIO: Your Chance to Die was formed in 2007 by original members Coca and Missi Avila. Over the last 8 years, the band has morphed into the current lineup of powerhouse musicians Ron Dalton and Coca Avila (guitar), Thomas White (drums), and Missi Avila and Som Pluijmers (vocals). The band which began as a 4 piece metalcore act has now progressed into a melodic death metal machine, featuring powerful vocals by Missi and Som (ex-vocalist for Cerebral Bore).
YCTD has produced 2 full length records (Suscitacio Somnus 2011; The American Dream 2013) and are now currently working on their third. This new record is sated to be a masterpiece, with the first 2 tracks available as a preproduction upon request. It will be the first record to feature Thomas White and Ron Dalton, as well as the first with the dual vocals of both Missi and Som. Fans are highly anticipating this release, due out in Winter 2016.
YCTD has a long touring record, including opening national tours for bands like Origin, Wednesday 13, King Parrot, Arsonists Get all The Girls, and Beyond Creation. They have also toured as a headlining act to Central America and Mexico, as well as several national tours.
YCTD brings energy and passion to the stage and is gaining world wide momentum as they gain exposure. Curious fans always stay to hear this dual female fronted death metal band, and always leave impressed and begging for more. YCTD has been featured on several local, national and international radio stations, national magazines and websites. As Outburn magazine stated ‘this band is one to look out for, for years to come!’
Here is what reviewers have to say about Your Chance to Die: ‘Their songwriting and musicianship are excellent, and I thoroughly enjoyed The American Dream.’ Chad Bower Heavy Metal Reviews
’Guitarists Crouch and Coca Avila shift nimbly from low, bludgeoning riffs to light and triumphant solos. White drives the band with an artillery of muscular beats, never sacrificing agility for blunt force. But Missi Avila remains the band’s centerpiece, her vocals managing clear elocution amid guttural eruptions. ‘ The Free Times
‘What you have here is a band…a band that makes it work. The vocals are straight. When listening, you forget the whole female aspect and just listen to the music for what it is. And what it is, is a brutal assault of melodic death metal.’ Buried Sound
‘This album is filled with rapid drum blasts, nitrous fuelled, atomic powered guitar playing, and a vocal power that leaves you in awe. It was a truly fun listen from beginning to end, no doubt.’ The Metal Resource
‘ All the earmarks of good technical death metal are here. Impressive drumming and virtuoso guitar playing all executed with robot precision from the first song to the last’ SMN News
This is an older video from their 2013 album The American Dream.
Your Chance To Die - Oscuridad

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