Monday, March 27, 2017

NEWS: Irony Destroyed's EP coming up

The metalcore band Irony Destroyed (Kenya) is now flashing pictures of its upcoming EP "Strife to Legacy." They want their supporters to get on this ball and getting it rolling. Go to their Facebook page to find out a bit more of the details.
BELOW is some previous information about the band, in case you missed it.
Irony Destroyed is a metalcore band from Kenya. They say that they formed in 2012 and below you can read their biography. One interesting fact about the band right now is that they have recorded a new song and below you will find the link to the track. They had been telling their supporters on Facebook about the song, but now it is a reality and if you are interested in the band, you will get an idea of their sound. Of course, they are a young band, so they are just beginning. Even more importantly, they have announced that they have an EP on the way, so this year we will hear more from this band. Below are some announcements that they have on Facebook. This is Irony Destroyed. Find out more about them.
OFFICIAL: Wssup MetalHeads!!! Are you excited like us to release our single #oreon off our EP #STRIFETOLEGACY tomorrow.We can confirm The album will be out on 10.04.2017 with that said pre-order is now available don't miss a chance to get exclusives, even past 10 you will be informed of what bonus you will get. Incase of any questions or enquires feel free and hit us up \,,/
OFFICIAL: Oreon is Officially out go listen to it links are down below like,share and subscribe to our youtube channel as well. We suggest you check it out first on YouTube. The track is free to download on bandcamp enter $0 and proceed to download or you can still name your price to show support.Pre order is still available don't miss your chance to be the lucky 10 otherwise enjoy and have a brutal week
OFFICIAL: We appreciate the support so far we got on our single #oreon that came out yesterday,share the song with friends and download it for free on bandcamp. This is the Official Album cover For our EP #STRIFETOLEGACY available on 10.04.17 Pre-order now for exclusives don't miss your chance in owning a copy of the album. For pre-order details check our previous post. Stay brutal people \,,/
BIO: Irony Destroyed was formed in 2012 by Nelson “Ecclesiastes” Musyoka. Still young and in high school but that did not stop him from forming a hard-hitting metal band. He wrote some songs and met up with three of his friends to make all their dreams come true.
They played and practiced some covers and recorded two tracks namely, “Think Twice, if Possible Thrice” and, “Sun as a Home” in 2013 when everyone was through with high school. That was until when the members of the band left to continue with their further studies. By then, Irony Destroyed (Earlier) had only recorded two songs in their practice room (On a laptop).
In 2014, Nelson found the Lead guitarist, Lenny Kiano on Irony Destroyed’s Facebook page and boy could he shred. Had some awesome riffs, he was definitely going to be the lead guitarist. Lenny then became in charge of the band and recruiting new members when Nelson left to study as well.

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