Tuesday, June 7, 2016

NEWS: Spellcaster

Night Hides the World
Prosthetic Records
Release: 8 July 2016
Classic heavy metal masters Spellcaster (Portland, Oregon, U.S.) have a new album which comes out very soon. The band's reputation keeps growing amongst the public that supports traditional heavy metal (and also true heavy metal, melodic metal and classic heavy metal) and this new album is a perfect example of why: great singing, catchy/headbanging riffs and songs that stay around long after they stop playing. Listen to the new songs available at the link below and hear for yourself. The new album is eight songs and it's around 43 minutes long (more or less). The following official information about the album just came in to this publication today, so there is more from this publication about this band and album coming up in the future, but for now, listen to the new songs and get ready for a fantastic album. It sounds very good, fresh, talented/skilled, professional and contagious. The metal public that wants real singing, riffs, solos and serious talent will be interested in this album, as they should be!
The new album:
2.Night Hides the World
3.The Lost Ones
5.I Live Again
6.The Accuser
7.The Moon Doors
OFFICIAL INFORMATION: You often catch that look. A band is on stage and all the members glance at each other with that “I’m feeling it” expression. The band is in the pocket, they have gelled and have become one cohesive unit and reach a sort of runners high for musician. This is exactly what happened to Portland’s heavy metal band, SPELLCASTER, going into their third (and Prosthetic Records' debut) full length album, Night Hides The World.
Though it wasn’t on the stage where this happened, it was in the rehearsal room. Founding member and bass player Gabe Franco elaborates, “We have formed a hive mind together, which I assume will happen to any musicians who manage to play together 3 to 4 times a week for years on end.”
A team is always stronger than the individual. When synergy is reached, the group becomes unstoppable and output is at its highest, greatest and most effective. SPELLCASTER achieved this, allowing each individual to hit his peak performance which benefitted the whole. Franco explains, “during our first 2 albums we were pretty selective - others might say nitpicky, about what riffs/lyrics we would use and how we wanted to sound, with this album I think we all collectively realized we are competent musicians and learned to trust each other more”
That trust gave way to 8 powerful, classic metal tunes. Biting sharp riffs from the twin guitar attack of shredders Cory Boyd and Bryce VanHoosen blend seamlessly with the rock-solid backbone of Franco and drummer Colin Vranizan. Tyler Loner adds soaring vocals on top of massive choruses to create the ultimate SPELLCASTER album.
Formed in 2009 and originally called Leatherwitch, the band’s debut EP, Spells of Speed, was self-released but later reissued by Heavy Artillery Records in 2010. The band toured the US with Evil Survives in support of the reissue, before returning to the studio to work on their debut full length. In the summer of 2011, Under The Spell came out to much acclaim, comparing the band to fellow Pacific NW metallers, Sanctuary and Metal Church.
Following this release, the band hit the road again, touring up and down the West Coast and all throughout the US. It was after this that band member changes and Heavy Artillery being sold resulting in them label-less painted a bleak picture for the band. Whereas other bands may have thrown in the towel, SPELLCASTER came out swinging harder than ever. New members were added and some roles were changed, then the band hit the road again, while writing for their second album. The self-titled, self-released, Joel Grind produced album garnered the most buzz the band ever had. They toured all throughout North America as well as headed overseas playing through Germany, The Netherlands and at the Headbanger’s Open Air festival. Many labels took notice and ultimately, the band signed with Prosthetic Record and began work on their third LP.
The recording for Night Hides The World was held in Oakland, CA and Portland, OR with Zack Ohren (All Shall Perish, Exmortus) handling production and mixing duties. The visceral achievement SPELLCASTER reached has created their fines release to date. Whereas previous releases were often compared to bands that have come before them, Night Hides The World sees the band standing on its own feet. They wear their influences on the sleeves ripped from their battle vests, but the unit created has given rise to a modern, mature take on the classic genre

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