Monday, June 13, 2016

free recording of traditional heavy metal: Weaponlord (Seattle)

Weaponlord (demo)
Release date: May 27th, 2016
label: independent
This is a free/name-your-price recording.
Metal music supporters looking for traditional heavy metal, in my opinion, really should consider this band. Do not assume that this recording is low quality, either. The sound quality is solid. According to Metal Archives this is the band's debut recording. At this point, this publication cannot provide much in the way of band history or other similar information. Metal Archives says that the band formed in 2015 and the band also says as much on the Facebook page. I just found the band yesterday, Sunday, June 12. I have been listening to this recording a lot. Personally, I think that the band has done an excellent job. The band calls this a demo, but the energy coming through and the way that the songs sound, the music is very good and it is exciting. Real singing, actual guitar riffs/hooks/solos and they sound like they want to be heavy metal heroes and guitar heroes. As you know, in music, some people hype certain bands like crazy and very often it is totally false, and hides under the excuse that music is supposedly subjective. Nevertheless, if true metal, power metal, traditional heavy metal and melodic metal is something that you support, then why not give this new band a chance? If you like it, giving some money won't exactly make them rich, but it will show them that you care. I paid a few bucks. My next plan: get a shirt. Hey, lords of the weapons, maybe you can make a shirt that is not stupid, eh? You know, the kind that won't get the kids sent home from school for wearing it and the kind that an adult can wear in public during the day, not just in the dark alleys at night for a metal concert.
Below is the link to the complete recording. These are the songs.
1.Intro 00:48
2.Global Insanity 04:41
3.Freedom War 06:21
4.Witchhunt 03:49
5.Elder Gods 00:38
6.Dagon 04:42
total time 20:59
review by MMB

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