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NEWS: Hysterica

NEWS: Hysterica
All In
release date: April 23rd, 2015
label: Attitude Recordings
Hysterica is a modern heavy metal band from Sweden. The band's origins are traced back to 2005 and the first demo is from 2006. After the usual line-up changes and instability, they played Sweden Rock Festival in 2008 and the debut album Metalwar was released in 2009. From the opening tracks "We Are the Undertakers" (a groove-oriented stomper) and "Halloween" (a headbanging, fists-in-the-air song) and throughout the rest of the album, it's a celebration of the music that they love. Whether it's "Louder," "Metalwar," "Heavy Metal Man" or "Girls Made of Heavy Metal," it's more metal as it goes along, all confidence and strength coming out of the stubborn desire to play the music with which they identify and for which they stand: a little bit of power metal, lots of classic heavy metal, a bit of groove, some melody and the right attitude. In 2012 The Art of Metal was released and it was another success for the band, further consolidating their sound and their reputation. In fact, it's a common opinion amongst some listeners that the follow-up album was better than the first one. The album features a sharper sound and the songs are just as strong and memorable as the debut, if not more so. Perhaps sensing that too much time was passing without new music, their most recent recording is the 22-minute EP called All In, from which they have made a video for "Lock up Your Son." By this point, Hysterica is a group of veterans and the EP continues the tradition of mixing traditional heavy metal with a modern edge, with a bit of the groove sound. The EP seems to be a hint of where they might be going with the next album. The band continues playing shows and they have announced that they have a new record deal. If you have not heard the band yet, check out the video mentioned above. They also have lots of their music on YouTube.
Hysterica - Lock up your son (Official Music Video)

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