Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Born Of Fire - "Carry On Wayward Son" Official Music Video

Classic metal band Born of Fire (USA) has issued a new video before they start working on the new album. Below you will find the video, information about the video and additional information about the band.
We are very proud to announce the release of our new single, Born Of Fire’s rendition of the 1976 Kansas classic “Carry On Wayward Son.” To accompany this single we have put together a very cool unique style video with some fantastic artistry & visuals. This is definitely a very different type of video from what you would typically see from us but we feel this unique artistry style gives it that epic throw back feel this classic song deserves. Riding high on our latest release “Dead Winter Sun” on Pure Steel Records (see below). The band wanted to put out a single before starting the writing process for the next album and to show our support to the fans we are offering the song as a free download on our website (see below).We sincerely hope you all enjoy the song and the video. Feel free to comment and share as its greatly appreciated. Most importantly thanks to everyone around the world for your support!!
Formed in 1998, Phoenix-based Born of Fire has more than earned its reputation as an internationally renowned force of metal that has stayed true to the genuine style that defined the genre. Blasting onto the scene with its original rendition of "Remember Tomorrow" on the Iron Maiden tribute album Maiden America: A Tribute to Iron Maiden Born of Fire immediately went on to release its first full length album titled Transformation. Universally lauded for having an original sound while at the same time channeling elements of the trailblazers of metal that made the genre what it is, the album garnered stellar reviews, and BoF immediately went on to record a 3 track demo which in turn earned them even more record label interest, international airplay and recognition around the world.
The band gained momentum and fandom as their exposure grew. Positive press and favorable reviews for their performances in support of world-wide touring acts such as Flotsam & Jetsam, Armored Saint, and Sacred Reich only helped to exponentiate Born of Fire's popularity. In a short time, BoF's track "In the End" had made it to #3 on the European Metal charts, and had been downloaded over 60,000 times. They continued to offer the world their brand of metal when they recorded their remake of Ronnie James Dio's classic "Heaven & Hell". The track was met with rave reviews from around the world when it was released globally as part of the 2001 Black Sabbath tribute album Hail to the Stonehenge Gods. The buzz surrounding the band created many individual opportunities for each of the members of Born of Fire, along with personal obligations (and perhaps a few creative differences) led the band to go quiet for several years.
The pursuit of the avenues that led them apart from one another only served to augment each band members' skills as multi disciplined musicians and professionals. By the time their creative paths crossed again in 2012, they were more than prepared to retake their title as one of the premier metal bands of our time. With their best-of album titled Anthology (released under Athens, Greece based No Remorse Records), Born of Fire once again saw international airplay. Their self financed music video for their classic track "In The End" combined high production values and an all-star cast that helped propel BoF back into the spotlight. The result was Born of Fire holding the accolades for one of No Remorse Records' best sellers at one point. The renewed interest in their music served to further impassion the band towards their mutual craft. Their life aspirations re-affirmed, BoF once again made their presence known in a huge way with the addition of amazing front man vocalist Gordon Tittsworth, and the release of their greatest album yet - Dead Winter Sun.
Released under Pure Steel Records, Dead Winter Sun is hailed as a visceral musical journey of dark themes and heavily atmospheric metal, and has seen rave reviews from all over the world. Cut in BoF's very own state of the art recording studio, it was nominated by multiple publications for 2014 album of the year, and has already seen two high profile, big budget music video releases in support of the album - featuring the tracks "Tears" and "Dead Winter Sun".
Since the release of Dead Winter Sun, BoF has only grown in presence across the heavy metal universe. Besides being featured across a bevy of media, the band has made high profile appearances hosting Heavy Metal Television and international radio spots. They've since released a full line of awesome merchandise, and have promised even larger things looming on the horizon.
Born of Fire has arrived, and they've brought with them a sound that channels the legends of yesteryear that's mixed with a legendary sound all their own.
Born Of Fire - "Carry On Wayward Son" Official Music Video

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