Friday, June 17, 2016


release date: April 29th, 2016
label: Nuclear Blast America
"Stellar" and "grand" and "terrific" and "gorgeous" and "brilliant" and "cherished" are just a few of the words used to talk about Fallujah. Fallujah is a melodic/extreme hardcore/growlcore band with postrock/posthardcore elements. They are about to start a tour in Europe and their tour's first show is at the famous music festival called Hellfest Open Air Festival in France, which boasts more than 140 bands this year, if the information on hand is correct. Of course, that is many, many bands, but just the fact that this band is on the bill says that they are doing well, or not doing too bad, at worst. Their previous album The Flesh Prevails (2014) was received very well, too. This year they have a new album. The band, according to some people, is on the cutting edge of extreme rock music. Their use of hardcore/metalcore/growlcore vocals with chugging rhythms, mixed in with melodic/ambient/yoga/meditation music sounds have been welcomed by people who see themselves as looking for something new, different and supposedly revolutionary. The band also prefers the use of spacey singing voices here and there to contrast with the hardcore/deathcore sounds. The music is difficult to tolerate because the combination of aggravating music (hardcore/deathcore/punkcore) with discombobulated components (sleepy-time music) works very well for causing quick repudiation. The self-conscious so-called spiritual/world-music vibe cannot go far before one comes to her or his senses and realizes that this music by these California hipsters is really very gimmicky and self-important. It's not too long before the time for patience runs out and one has to press stop.
Some people believe that this is the cutting edge of extreme rock music today.
(review by MMB)

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