Friday, June 3, 2016

Iron Kingdom and Fallen Angels in Everett, WA this Sunday

Iron Kingdom (Surrey, British Columbia) and Fallen Angels (Seattle) will play in Everett this Sunday at Tony V's Garage, 1716 Hewitt Ave, Everett, Washington 98201. Both bands have new albums out.
Iron Kingdom
Ride for Glory
release date: July 30th, 2015
Iron Kingdom plays traditional/classic heavy metal. The music is uptempo/midtempo guitar-centered sound in which the drums and the bass are clearly heard, with singing that goes for the high notes. What is important and what is not important to Iron Kingdom? The things that are not important are: playing fast for speed’s sake, having the most computerized sound. The issues that are important: the songs, the riffs and the singing. Would it be correct to say that Iron Kingdom has rebelled against robotized computer metal? It sure appears that way. Vocally, 70s Judas Priest/Rush are good reference points, in that the band is not shy about high screams in the songs. Sing-along chorus lines are part and parcel of Iron Kingdom. The band carries itself with a sense of purpose and seriousness about the tradition that they uphold. You can hear the devotion in the songs, the effort to make a quality album. Supporters of younger bands that have picked up the flag of classic-style heavy metal should certainly seek this band.
Fallen Angels
World in Decay
release date: August 4th, 2015
label: Cyberdyne Records
Fallen Angels preach the gospel of traditional thrash metal. They got Michael Rosen to produce the album. Rosen is a name that thrashers will recognize due to his work with Death Angel/The Organization, Bonded by Blood, Flotsam and Jetsam, Sadus, Lääz Rockit, Forbidden, Testament, Vio-lence, Vicious Rumors and other bands. The album is aimed at the thrash audience, the people that demand that the guitar players have riffs, hooks and solos. The solos may be shred pieces or they may be melodies. Fallen Angels sounds as excited about these songs as they would like the audience to be. In other words, their enthusiasm is contagious. You can hear the 80s influence, but the album sounds like thrash today, traditional thrash. The band began in 2002. Metal Archives says that the band had a demo in 2004 and another one in 2005, and the first album “Rise from the Ashes” is from 2008. The second album “Engines of Oppression” is from 2010. Let’s hope that metal people in the Seattle and Washington and Pacific Northwest area respond to the band’s new album.
Iron Kingdom - Iron Kingdom - The Samurai
Fallen Angels "Nightmare" Lyric Video - Thrash metal

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