Tuesday, June 14, 2016

NEWS: Engraved Darkness

Engraved Darkness
Diabolical Scriptures
release date: 29 April 2016
label: independent
This extreme metal band from Ohio, U.S. may have slipped under your radar unnoticed. If you are interested in hearing lesser-known but serious extreme metal bands, below you will find a link to the complete album. The band has been around for years and years now, and now the album shows their brand of extreme sounds, which has a definite mentality of old, but also the blasting speeds and the extreme vocals that often characterize the modern bands. The recording is not a demo and it is not a garage recording, either. It sounds like serious business, even though they appear to be working without the backing of a company at this point. At any rate, if you like to hear independent bands that have not gotten much attention, this band's extreme metal might interest you.
OFFICIAL INFORMATION: Engraved Darkness was forged in Ohio in December 2009 by Johnnie Wallace (guitars, vocals), Matt Stewart (guitars, backing vocals), and Matt McVey (drums). Their only intentions, to bring the heaviest, most aggressive and brutal music known to mankind. In 2014, the current line up of Johnnie Wallace (guitars, vocals), Jimmy Rose (guitars), and Andy Hall (drums) was created with the addition of Colin Glover (bass, backing vocals) in early 2015 . This lineup has come to be game-changing and the turning point for the band, and is featured on their debut album Diabolical Scriptures.
The band's sound derives from a vast combination of influences, and the styles of many genres, but is still firmly rooted in death metal. This creates a sound full of dark harmonies, dual-layered vocals, blistering picking with intense beats, and mind infesting riffs that will continuously echo through your skull.
Engraved Darkness have built a reputation for themselves as a formidible live act, and have shared the stage with notable bands such as Six Feet Under, Hate Eternal, Skeletonwitch and Beyond Creation.

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