Thursday, June 2, 2016

interview: Blackslash

Blackslash is a traditional heavy metal band from Germany. Their most recent work dedicated to the art of heavy metal that rocks is called Sinister Lightning, perfect for supporters of metal music with singing. The band writes anthems; they have memorable songs, with a good production. Let’s hope that this band won’t be a secret for much longer! Alec (bass) answers this interview.
Greetings! I have heard Sinister Lightning many times and the album sounds better with every listen!
Hey, guys! For European bands like us it is always great to hear that metal maniacs from the US like our stuff. I'm wondering if you can hear a little bit of a German accent in our vocals? haha Anyway, things are going great right now. We tour a lot and recently began to write new material for the next album, which is supposed to be released in late 2017.
(NOTE: No, I have not noticed a German accent, actually, but I have noticed that the songs rock!)
What is the history of your band?
If you want to get to know us better, check out our page (see below). It's partially in English. We are Christian and Clemens Haas. The older brother Chris is playing guitar, the younger one is our vocalist. Daniel Hoelderle plays the second guitar, David Hofmeier's on the drums and I, Alec Trojan, play the bass. We formed in 2007 and never changed our line-up. We're good friends.
Where can we hear your music? Is your album available for streaming? How was the recording experience in comparison with your previous album Separate But Equal (2013)?
I think that there are some streaming websites like Spotify where you can hear our music, but we don't have to do anything with this. I think our label, Iron Shield Records from Berlin, put our music up there. We like to listen to music on vinyl or CD and we highly suggest to buy our music in physical form to support the underground. If you're from the US there are some small labels from where you can buy our album. We recorded the album in a place near Stuttgart. We booked the studio for nearly four weeks and the result turned out great! Separate But Equal was recorded in our rehearsal room by ourselves, so you can hear a slight change of production quality in the end result.
What led you to forming a band? How did you find the right members and the audience?
It was a natural process. We all played our instruments from a very young age and we were all friends. It was supposed to happen. Finding an audience isn't too hard with the rising popularity of NWOTHM (New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal). We highly suggest to check out other great European bands of this genre like: Enforcer, Katana (Sweden); Iron Curtain, Hitten, Witchtower (Spain); Ruler (Italy); Hürlement (France); Stallion, Skullwinx, Forensick, Iron Kobra and many more (Germany)
So far, what type of lyrics have you had?
Playing shows mainly in Germany, nobody really gives a flip about lyrics because the audience doesn't understand a single word anyway. It's much more important to write a great hook for the chorus, so people can sing along those few words. We don't want to change the world with words but with music and the feeling you get from listening to a certain kind of music.
Tell us about the equipment that your band uses. What is your favorite equipment? Is what we hear on the album real drums or is it sound replacement technology?
I use an old bass amp from the 60s. But not because I am looking for a vintage sound, but because when we started the band we were pretty much broke and I got this amp for free haha! About the sound replacement technology for drums, don't even get me started man! That's some bull and takes away the energy only a real performance can preserve. Check out SpectreSoundsStudio on Youtube. This Canadian really knows what he's talking about when he loses his cool about programmed drums (see below).
What other news do you have?
I think that's all for now! Check out our shop to support us and hopefully see you on the road some day!
(This is video about drums mentioned in the interview)
How to Record Heavy Drums - Part Zero | SpectreSoundStudios TUTORIAL

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