Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Inquinok and Slutvomit this Friday, support acts for Venom Inc.

This Friday two support acts for Venom Inc. will be the Washington state bands: Inquinok and Slutvomit. Here is a bit of information about both bands.
June 17
Venom Inc., Necrophagia, Wormreich, Sunlord, Inquinok (WA state), Slutvomit (WA state) at Studio Seven, Seattle, WA
June 18
Venom Inc., Necrophagia, Sunlord at The Shakedown, Bellingham, WA
OFFICIAL INFORMATION: Inquinok is an epic, melodic extreme metal band out of Seattle, Washington. The band was founded in the summer of 2000 by Krelian and had it’s first full lineup in May of 2001.
Inquinok released their demo entitled “Shadows Amongst The Moonlight” in 2003 which featured four very dark and atmospheric tracks. The demo received much praise from fans of extreme metal and metal in general and was reviewed positively in several magazine/websites including Metal Maniacs. The band played many shows before going in to the studio to record their debut album, including supporting bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Incantation and Sadus.
Inquinok’s debut album entitled “Entranced By Twilight’s Gaze” was released in January of 2006. Entranced By Twilight’s Gaze featured ten songs, showcasing great songwriting and musicianship as well as excellent solo work from then new lead guitarist Mordred. The album established Inquinok as a promising new metal act and a band to look out for.
In early 2007, the new lineup was fully realized. The band's lineup became Krelian on vocals & rhythm guitars, Mordred on lead & rhythm guitar, Kythving on bass, and Tormentor on drums. Inquinok had become more aggressive and darker then ever, partly due to the addition of Tormentors fast and brutal drum style. The band showcased their new material at various shows including their headlining of the Northwest Deathfest in 2007 and supporting such bands Mayhem, Nachtmystium, Wolves In The Throne Room and Enslaved.
In 2010, Inquinok released a single 'Tormented Skies' before starting work on their 3rd album which would be called 'Dimension of I'. 'Dimension of I' which featured 9 brand new tracks was released digitally in January 2013. After taking a break after the release to work on some other projects (Shaded Enmity, Somnae) the band will be returning in full force for live shows and a 4th album.
Slutvomit (Washington state)
This band does not like to provide much information because if they do, the government squads will be able to identify them. As things stand now, the band is on the run from the authorities and if you see them be sure to give them the horns up and tell them: "Keep running! Don't let them take you in alive!" The following is how this publication described this band some time ago: According to the book of heavy metal written in blood on iron pages, if you name your band with the word “vomit” in it, then you are hereby obligated to play raw extreme metal that is perfect for cult status and zealous allegiance of diehard underground metalheads. They sound like they have had enough of the hipsters and indie rock people that populate the college town of Bellingham. Hey, no need to feel sorry for yourself if you are a metalhead, form a band and play the metal that you want to hear. Metal Archives says that they formed in 2006 and they have the following discography: the “Satanic Slut Metal” demo from 2007, the “Turning the Cross Towards Hell” EP from 2011, and the “Swarming Darkness” album from 2013. Now they are threatening society with a new album!
Update: The authorities have not captured them yet, and the band now has five songs that you can access on Facebook.

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