Friday, June 3, 2016

NEWS: Murdryck

Antologi MMXV
Black Lion Productions
April 01, 2016
Murdryck (Sweden) says that they started out as an ambient project. Thankfully, that's not what they are now, as demonstrated by this album. The recording shows that the band is traditional and classic-style black metal with a modern production. Some people say that black metal bands have recordings that are of low quality and that you can't even hear the music, but if you are curious about black metal and would like to hear a more professional recording, this work right here would be a good place to begin. The band might give you the impression that it is blasting black metal obsessed with speed, tremolo riffs and throat-tearing shrieking, but there is a bit of melody and the songs are not nonstop blasting. There's some variety, including some well-placed slower brief moments. Fortunately, the album in its entirety is available for streaming. Murdryck is recommended for supporters of black metal in general and also for those listeners seeking to hear some direct, no-nonsense black metal with a better production.

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