Sunday, September 30, 2018

releasing tomorrow: Foaming At The Mouth

Foaming At The Mouth: Writhing
Self-Release 1 October 2018
Foaming At The Mouth is brutal death metal by two persons from the state of New York: drummer Kyle Eddy (Mucopus, Internal Bleeding) and guitarist Jeff Leifer (Tentacles, Crator). The band has been active since 2013. The music itself is heaviness, brutality and sickness, focused on groove and slam. The recording is 30 minutes of pounding and mosh pit rhythms and blasting and a bunch of farm animal noises.
The main thing to know here is that the noise is meant to be brutal fun. There is a bit of melody, and plenty of chugging and slamming. They can go fast, really fast, but the band does not want you standing on the sidelines in awe. Rather, they want you sweating, throwing your elbows around in friendly physical sports-like activities in the pit. Grab a partner by the hand, or better yet, drag them to pit and see if they can break a sweet, sweet sweat or get a little bit bruised by the workout.

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