Monday, September 17, 2018

hear the Drawn and Quartered album: The One Who Lurks

Seattle death metal stalwarts Drawn and Quartered have a new album in 2018 and it is called The One Who Lurks. This is album number seven for the long-running band that began in 1993. The entire album is available for streaming in its entirety courtesy of Krucyator Productions (France). Listen to the album at the link below.
Drawn and Quartered
The One Who Lurks
release date: July 27th, 2018
1. Nefarious Rites 05:44
2. Ravage the Cadaver 05:40
3. Horned Shadows Rise 04:32
4. Deliverance to the Worms 03:18
5. Temples of Arcane Devotion 06:01
6. Carnal Transmigration 02:41
7. The One Who Lurks 06:50
8. Portals of Communion 05:28
total time 40:14

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