Wednesday, September 19, 2018

NEWS: out now: Prezir

This month (September, 2018) sees the release of the debut album by Prezir, a black metal band from Wisconsin, United States. If asked what is it that they do, their response is unequivocal: “metal. black, death, and thrash. nothing modern.” Prezir is sword-wielding, double-headed eagle necro black thrashing extreme metal that it is as good as advertised. Actually, they are way better. Previously they had a five-song recording called Contempt, which apparently is the English translation for “Prezir,” the Serbo-Croatian word that is the flag under which they represent their interpretation of primal metal.
The album should be interesting to fans that love the old German and Brazilian sounds of bands like mid-80s Kreator and 80s Sarc√≥fago, and classic 1990s black metal. Prezir does have the speed, the blasting frenzy, the vocals, the riffs, and the solos that fans demand. Frankly, that is not why Prezir should be interesting. The bells and whistles need to be there, sure, but those things are simply tools here. There are two reasons why Prezir should be looked into. Once one gets past the frenzy, the blasting, and all that, one will hear the skillful utilization of chaotic, dark, fast melodies that invite more listens. “What was that? Let me here it again.” The word melody here means the way that classic black and bestial thrash bands use it.
The second reason for the black metal audiences to give Prezir a chance is the songwriting. The experience and the knowledge will come across to the listeners, who will know it when they hear it. It is a very convincing characteristic of Prezir. Find out more about the band and album below through the official propaganda, and know that the entire album can be heard at the link below.
As Rats Devour Lions
Godz ov War Productions
17 September 2018
Milwaukee black metal group PREZIR are releasing their first full length album, As Rats Devour Lions, on September 17 via Godz of War Productions. The follow up to 2017 debut EP Contempt, As Rats Devour Lions delivers a scornful blow to the wasteland of safe metal modernity. A contemptuous rebuke of all extremist ideologies, both present and historical, PREZIR epitomizes black metal ferocity (DESTROYER 666, DAWN, EMPEROR) laden with thrash (MEGADETH, SLAYER) and death metal (MORBID ANGEL, IMMOLATION, DEICIDE) influences. This record is a faster, more melodic, and heavier auditory assault than their previous effort. A black metal cyclone, PREZIR features guitarists Rory Heikkila (SHROUD OF DESPONDENCY) and Tyler Okrzesik (SHROUD OF DESPONDENCY), vocalist and lyricist Luka Djordjevic (KHAZADDUM), drummer Brian Serzynski (PIGS BLOOD), and bassist Jerry Hauppa (ARA/NORTHLESS). As Rats Devour Lions was skillfully recorded and mixed by Shane Hochstetler at Howl Street Recordings. Bass recorded by J.Hauppa; artwork and layout by L.Djordjevic; and photography by David Warner.
Biography: Formed in 2016, Prezir is a Serbian word that means contempt. We are thusly named because the goal of this band, and the music that we write is to create acrimonious heavy metal in the vein of our influences, with a mutual disgust for the safety of modern metal. The nature of ideological dogmas and herd like adherence to the fables of superstitious charlatans is anathema to the pursuit of intellect and reason. Bad ideas are best fought with good ideas and truths. Derision of the false is essential to the preservation of philosophy.

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