Wednesday, September 5, 2018

out on Friday: Axe Steeler

Axe Steeler
On the Run
September 7th 2018
Axe Steeler is traditional heavy metal from Colombia. They have the banshee-scream singing, the guitar hero soloing and the Latin American mad, mad, mad, mad passion for true metal. The album is 36 minutes of music, eight songs, and it feels good to listen to a band that has a sense of proportion and restraint; a band that values the idea of a focused, on-point album. The Colombians are very competent and enlightened on the aptitudes of their music. The songs are made for headbanging and with pride. Essentially, it is rocking music and a fun album, and with a contemporary but classic-style production in which the bass guitar is audible.
That’s not all, though. There is one genial revelation on this album. Just when you think that you know what the entire album will be like, Axe Steeler hits you up with song number four “Beyond the Stars,” an instrumental track that is a most interesting moment. The song recalls a little bit of the 1970s big guitar melodies of Queen, Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest, Scorpions, U.F.O., and Thin Lizzy. Axe Steeler shows a different and delightful facet by doing a song that has piano/keyboards and classic hard rock guitar work and melodies. This is a very entertaining development, and a surprising one, for it demonstrates that they are capable of doing much more than just regular traditional heavy metal.
This bands knows how to rock and they do it well, but “Beyond the Stars” puts them in a much more unique niche than would otherwise be the case. Unfortunately, this is the only song like that, and it is an instrumental, which suggests that they have not figured out a way to make this other side an integral part of their sound. Another song called “Storm” kind of points in that direction, and it’s also an interesting track. Thus, an interrogative that emerges here is how the band can pursue these other colors of their sound. It is possible to rock hard and to show the creativity and melodies of “Beyond the Stars” and “Storm.” Many bands, especially in 2018, can write good songs about headbanging, and those songs are welcome every time, but it is more special when a band can take the route that says that more is more and bigger is better.
If Axe Steeler can talk amongst themselves and lose the fear, things are going to be very interesting, indeed.

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