Sunday, September 2, 2018

Chevalier (review by MMB)

OFFICIAL: Gates of Hell Records (a Cruz Del Sur Music imprint) has announced the forthcoming release of CHEVALIER's Chapitre II on 12" vinyl MLP. The sold-out 2018 EP was specially re-mastered for this vinyl release and features an exclusive BROCAS HELM cover version of “Fly High."
Chapitre II
Gates of Hell Records
21 September 2018
Chevalier shows such a total devotion to fast, headbanging traditional heavy metal that they win solely based having such a big heart and for having it in the right place. Their sound is raw and speedy songs with lots of riffs and guitars and drumming going full speed ahead on the way to speed metal heaven. The singing is high screaming, shatter-the-windows vocals that only the brave try to do. If a person tries to sing this way, they are playing with fire. The person has to have the pipes or otherwise they fall flat on their face. It helps if a person is young, too, because this style requires young lungs as big and strong as the biggest secret desires to rule the stage with power. Give credit to the band for finding the valiant soul that is willing to look the dragon in the eye and say, “I am not afraid of you.” The band’s sound has an irresistible charm for any fan looking for metal music that respects the olden traditions.
On the other hand, they seem to have run into the same problem that every fast metal band ever has run into: How to record the fast music without having it sound like a big, blurry, loud mess? Chevalier has not found the right person for recording this music yet. It is a sound engineering issue. It is very obvious that this band will sound so much better when they have the right people to record the music properly. Linked to the issue of the production is the difficulty that one has in hearing the singing. The high-pitched singing works for the band, but it is not possible to hear it fully yet. The instruments overwhelm the voice. With a better recording, and with the singer getting some more experience and more confidence, the singing should stand out more.
As it stands now, Chevalier is very promising. Die-hard fanatics of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and classic speed metal will need to get on board and see what’s going on here with Chevalier. Don’t miss this boat. This band has two EPs so far, in 2017 and 2018. The best is yet to come.

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