Wednesday, September 12, 2018

NEWS: releases on Friday: Hyperdontia

The necrobrutal death metal of the Danish/Turkish goregang satisfies the desire for super duper low growling blasting massive heaviness that detests the dilution of the music by way of shooting melody, sugar, spice and everything nice into a creation that is supposed to be Hyperdontia ugliness. The personnel involved is filled to the brim with old-school and brutal death metal, and that explains a lot about this album. Undergang, Diabolizer, Decaying Purity, Phrenelith, Apparatus, and the like are Danish and Turkish bands hellbent on extreme metal, mostly death metal. As for Hyperdontia itself, it is the low, incomprehensible growling that goes with blasting, brutal, claustrophobic death barrage.
A question for the audience is, have you spent money on Undergang or Diabolizer? If so, get your cash out because these musicians live and die for death metal in 2018. This is what is happening in low, sick and dirty death metal in 2018. In case you don’t know, Hyperdontia is all about a rebellion against modern, clean metal music, especially the many forms of death metal. Nothing here is clean, not the vocals, not the production, not the guitars.
Hyperdontia is uglyrotting death metal. Read about it below with the official information and listen to a couple tunes at the link at the end.
Nexus of Teeth
Dark Descent Records
14 September 2018
Turkish/Danish Death Metal group HYPERDONTIA will release their full-length debut, Nexus of Teeth, on Dark Descent Records. The level-jumping follow-up to 2017 debut EP Abhorrent Veil will be available for direct purchase from Dark Descent on September 14 (the album will be released through international distribution channels on November 9). That gnarly cover art comes courtesy of Paolo Girardi.
Some of the best death metal out there was made out of accident. But yes, sometimes magic does happen. A bunch of people who, on paper, sometimes weren't even supposed to meet, let alone make music together, share a beer or two, get talking, realize that more in common that they first realize, book a rehearsal room 'just to see' and boom, come up with a monster they never thought they would create in the first place.
In a nutshell, that's basically the case with Hyperdontia, a surprising gathering of forces of what the Danish and Turkish scenes have the best to offer in term of vile, sick and disgusting music.
Mustafa (guitar) and Malik (bass) had been playing together for years in many different bands (in)famous in the Istanbul scene, among them Burial Invocation. When the latter got invited to play the 2010 edition of the Kill Town Death Fest in Copenhagen, they met co-organiser but also Undergang/Phrenelith frontman David and the trio just clicked. Then, after Malik had moved permanently to Denmark, Mustafa showed his friend all those "cool"' songs he had came up that just didn't fit the bands he was involved at the time and asked for advice. Malik urged him to start a new venture, offering his service and suggesting David as their vocalist in the process. Last piece of the puzzle was Phrenelith, Polish-born drummer Tuna. "That when what was initially just a home project turn into an actual band" confirms Malik. "Although Mustafa wrote all the riffs, David and Tuna put a lot into the songs. It was David who came up with the name and when we all looked it up on google (it describes a condition where you have supernumerary teeth that can appear everywhere) and saw how disgusting it was, we instantly all loved it!"
Just to tap the waters, the quartet came up with the Abhorrence Veil EP in 2017. But such was the feedback that soon enough, the idea to write more songs and even play live became a reality. Hence Nexus of Teeth, recorded in between Copenhagen and Istanbul, a eight tracks monstruous death metal masterpiece where, to quote the song 'Stapled Down' the human body is reduced to a pile of bones, blood, pus and organs that easily fester so it can be "To be pissed on/left to rot/ravaged through by instruments of for prey". No wonder that famed cover artist Paolo Girardi came up with an equally horrific image... As they're getting ready to play their first ever gig at this year edition of the now world-reputed Kill Town Death Fest in Copenhagen, David summarizes very easily what this is all about: "Well, we all love death metal. So this is a cool way to expand our friendship and create something others might care about in the process too." Let it rot then!

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