Thursday, September 13, 2018

NEWS: releases tomorrow: HITTEN

Hitten is a group of traditional and melodic heavy metal dream warriors. They are now on their third album, and their debut is from 2014, but unfortunately (for us) they are new to us, but maybe that’s alright, too, because we have never heard of them and never have read about them, either. Here’s the thing about Hitten, they really know their classic heavy metal and they are breaking their backs to give the fans a fun, headbanging and rocking product.
They have studied their art. They make it easy on the listener. As long as one wants to hear some tunes that one can remember, and guitar riffs and solos, and singing, then it’s on. The album proves its worth by getting better with repeated listens. The guitars have a pleasant tone. There is a certain adult contemporary melodic rock feel, too, friendly to the ears. The band has a preference for vocal harmonies and that makes the choruses sweeter. The high screams are classic-style efforts to hit the glass-breaking notes.
Hitten is on its way to the future. With albums like this one, it will not be long before the European audiences that support traditional heavy metal take note of the Spanish band.
Check out a couple of songs below and the official information.
HITTEN - "Twist Of Fate"
Label: High Roller Records
Release date: 14.09.2018
HITTEN formed in 2011 in the city of Murcia in the South-East of Spain (near Alicante). The same year the band issued their first demo entitled »Darkness Queen«. Two EPs and one full album entitled »First Strike With The Devil« (2014) followed, before HITTEN signed to High Roller Records for their second full-length record »State Of Shock«. With captivating heavy metal songs such as “Don’t Be Late”, “Endless Race” and “Eternal Force” »State Of Shock« was a clear improvement on the band’s rather naïve debut effort, altogether a more rounded effort. Founding member and guitarist Dani Meseguer cites Accept, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Saxon as HITTEN’s musical inspiration, as well as US Metal bands such as Fifth Angel, Crimson Glory, Shok Paris and Metal Church.
“Me and the boys are pretty satisfied with how »State Of Shock« was received,” explains Dani Meseguer. “The album reached a lot of shops, labels, magazines, and webzines all over the world. It also took us on a really good tour around Europe, we played cool festivals and appeared in Japan for the very first time. We are really happy with how High Roller Records works overall.”
However, the period between »State Of Shock« and the brand new album »Twist Of Fate« saw some changes in the HITTEN camp: “In September 2017, our singer Aitor played his last show with HITTEN and then left the band. As we all know, it’s very hard for a band to find a new vocalist. Well, not for HITTEN though. Alexx is a gift from heaven, he was there for us at the perfect time.”
“We are more than happy with the final result of »Twist Of Fate«,” continues Dani Meseguer. “From the cover art to the music, it’s all high quality stuff. We truly believe that people who enjoyed »State Of Shock« are going to enjoy »Twist Of Fate« even more. The mix (by Javi Félez) and the mastering (Patrick W. Engel) is simply incredible. The album is full of crazy twin guitar passages, very emotional solos, high-pitched screams, vocal harmonies and powerful backing vocals … all the necessary ingredients for a great metal album! Alexx did a hell of a job with the vocals, he really is amazing. He has a very broad vocal range. He can perfectly sing in a low range but at the same time also go for those insane high-pitched screams that we all love.”
HITTEN - On the run (Official Video) | High Roller Records
HITTEN - In the heat of the Night (Official Tour Video) | High Roller Records

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