Wednesday, September 19, 2018

NEWS: out now Morrow (Seattle)

This publication has neglected to mention that Morrow (Seattle) now has its 2018 debut full-length album available for listening at the link below. It is a long album and the music is moody as can be, from extreme metal to quiet passages, progressive sounds and a bunch of other vibes. The band has taken its time to make an album that listeners with patience will be interested in. The main thing is to let it go where it wants to, and see if you can stay with it. If not, maybe another listen will shed light on the wide landscapes that Morrow is working on this challenging album.
The Weight of These Feathers
release date: July 21st, 2018
label: independent
1. Allure 10:02
2. Hiraeth 06:56
3. Elysium I 07:10
4. Elysium II 05:59
5. Embers 10:45
6. Beneath the Waves 03:10
7. Last Light 11:21
total time 55:23

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