Friday, September 7, 2018

out on Monday: P.H.O.B.O.S. (review by MMB)

Phlogiston Catharsis
Transcending Obscurity Records
10 September 2018
1.Biomorphorror 06:41
2.Igneous Tephrapotheosis 06:36
3.Zam Alien Canyons 04:54
4.Aurora Sulphura 04:31
5.Neurasthen Logorrh 05:57
6.Taqiyah Rhyzom 05:51
7.Aljannashid 06:57
8.Smothered In Scoria 05:13
total time 46:40
Slow extreme heaviness of this type should catch the attention of fans of biomechatronical music. The recording sounds like it is coming from an abandoned warehouse in which the crashing and banging is echoing within the dirty, oily walls. This alien-cyborg-robot doom concentrates on plodding, repetitive, monolithic, monotonous crawling heaviness that drags out the vibe for all that it is worth. Such a commitment to keep the massive lead foot stuck to the pedal brings a consistent monochromatic spirit throughout and keeps the music on even keel, for a relaxing experience, not a jarring listen. Press the on button and let it plod and drudge while you do your math homework or do that long drive from the house to the airport or take a nap or even while you work on your paintings.
This has a dissonant edge, but the disharmony in these tracks is only there in a secondary way. The purpose is not to make the listener be in awe at how irritating the disharmony and disjointed beats can be, but rather it is all there as a background to the pulsating weightiness of industrial music.
Is there melody here? No, but in certain places there is a bit of it, there are some patterns that approach a nice, cool beat, like on track number five. Actually, track number three has a bit of something that sounds like a hint of a guitar solo, and it is one of the most melodic segments. Track number seven has some danceable moments; we might even dare to call it uptempo in some segments. Speaking of dancing with cyborgs in an abandoned warehouse, track number four definitely begins with some danceable beats. These little things do stand out in this landscape of contemporary industrial doom.
Are you up for an adventure in doom and industrial with this French entity?

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