Monday, March 5, 2018

Zett's Unsilent Storms new episode

Kömmander Z has a new episode of his podcast Unsilent Storms. Let the rock and roll begin.

EXTREME - Play With Me, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure Soundtrack, 1989, USA
JAGUAR - The Fox, Power Games, 1983, UK
BUNKER 66 - Chubby Love, Infernö Interceptörs, 2012, ITALY
THUNDERLORDS - I Like Dirt, Noisy Songs For Noisy Kids, 2005, USA
STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH - Fist Banging Mania, Speak English Or Die, 1985, USA
ALESTORM - Questing Upon The Poopdeck, Sunset On The Golden Age, 2014, UK
ETERNAL VALLEY - The Awakening Of Autumn Storms, The Falling Light, 2017, USA (PNW)
SPACE ART - Watch It, Trip In The Center Head, 1977, FRANCE
SUMMONING - Night Fell Behind, With Doom We Come, 2018, AUSTRIA
NIGHT DEMON - Maiden Hell, Darkness Remains, 2017, USA
CARBONIZED - Third Eye, For The Security, 1991, SWEDEN
BONE SICKNESS - Strange Obsession, Alone in the Grave, 2013, USA (PNW)
URN - Failing Paradise, The Burning, 2017, FINLAND
DEATHHAMMER - Gates Of Hades, Phantom Knights, 2010, NORWAY
NIFELHEIM - Black Evil, Servants of Darkness, 2000, SWEDEN
NAZGÛL - Dies Festi…, De Expugnatione Elfmuth, 2002, ITALY
CANDLEMASS - Seven Silver Keys, Candlemass, 2005, SWEDEN
ABYSSOS - She Only Flies At Night, Fhinsthanian Nightbreed, 1999, SWEDEN
DEPECHE MODE - Policy Of Truth, Violator, 1990, UK
WALTER CARLOS - Two-Part Invention No. 4 in D minor, Switched On Bach, 1968, USA
BLACK SABBATH - Fairies Wear Boots, Paranoid, 1970, UK

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