Monday, March 5, 2018

NEWS from Another Metal Podcast

NEWS from Another Metal Podcast
Another Metal Podcast Episode 81: Loud Noises!
Here’s a new episode, new music, and hopefully some new listeners as I slowly inch may way to the first hundred episodes. And so far I’ve only messed up a few times, so I’ll keep crossing my fingers for luck (sorry to Coffin Torture; I titled their track wrong last episode so I’m playing it again to make it right).
Bands on this episode hail from the US, UK, Sweden, Israel, Peru, Canada, Brazil, Finland, Poland, France, Germany, Austria, and Scotland. Make sure to subscribe to the show on your podcast platform of choice, you can find links to many of them on the show’s page, and please rate and review the show to help get more ears hearing these awesome bands.
Played on this episode: Slugdge, Scumpulse, AVSLUT, Chaos Invocation, Harakiri for the sky, Horn (Official), Veiled, Lord of Pagathorn, Apostle of Solitude, River Cult, Sixes, HAR, Chaos Echœs, Voidhanger, Ossuarium, Necropanther, MORS SUBITA, Whipstriker, Antichrist, Vile Creature, Coffin Torture, ILSA

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