Thursday, March 15, 2018

Washington quick news: Blood Etchings

Friends into Washington state black metal, 

In case you have not done so, be sure to check out the teaser posted by Blood Etchings. They say that they have a new album for 2018. What they have posted is a clip that they say is a rough mix, but supporters will already be able to tell that the band is up to the same old black magic as ever. Of course, remember that the band is vehemently and venomously married to its message against Christianity and the new music is no different. It is as poisonous as what they have done before, if not more so, but probably more so than before. At any rate, go to their page if you love the hatred of Christianity and if you love to hate in general. The music is clearly for angry souls fueled by the flames of everything negative and pessimist and cynical. You'll love it.

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