Friday, March 30, 2018

NEWS: new black metal album by Ifernach

Friends into black metal,
Here are some news from Nekrart Productions and its latest release by Ifernach.
Nekrart Productions released the new Ifernach album, entitled "Gaqtaqaiaq". Standard jewel case CD + 12 pages full colour booklet. Ifernach has returned with its new album «Gaqtaqaiaq»! This Gaspesian (Quebec) savage metal band’s style is further defined with this new opus, oscillating between traditional black metal, melodic and epic parts, atmospheric passages and other more “instinct” and “punk” driven tracks. The native theme still has the spotlight here, with lyrics screamed in French with hints of Mi'kmaq. Original and deeply reclaiming what once was, MÉTAL SAUVAGE GASPÉSIEN.
«Gaqtaqaiaq is native title, 100% french lyrics, and presented in english. It would be a shame to ignore our partners in battle against the British. My first language was English. It is with so much pride and joy that I can write in French, especially for this native pride music release. Since every legend book and Miqmaw stories are written in English, I would say this music release is rebelling against it.»
Tapes/cassettes : Les Productions Hérétiques CD with full color 12 pages booklet : Nekrart Productions Bandcamp: streaming, no purchase for now.
This is the soundtrack of the land I was born, the land I grew up on, and the land where I will probably die. I am the son of your schools, religions and your perfect citizen model program. You failed in teaching me the world you built for me, you made me a total ignorant idiot. But the voice of the forest was getting too loud, and impossible not to hear. Ifernach is not in any way related to any political movement, nor native groups fighting for rights, nor any specific tribe or reserve around the coast. This world is rotten to the core. The dawn land will rise, only with pride and traditions.
March 28th, 2018
Nekrart Productions
1. ➳ 01:01
2. Extinction 03:44
3. Coeur boréal et païen 03:23
4. ↟ ↟ ↟ 01:19
5. Le vent et la mer 03:36
6. Naufragés 06:24
7. Elle danse avec la mort 02:50
8. Un matin fénien 03:19
9. Métal sauvage gaspésien 03:51
total time 29:27

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