Friday, March 2, 2018

Towards Atlantis Lights is now streaming two songs

Towards Atlantis Lights is an atmospheric death doom collective strictly for those dedicated fans of the most depressing, slow and heavy sounds. Below is some official information about them. Most importantly, the band is now streaming the 30-minute opener to the album, in addition to a shorter track. If you like to take your time with doom, then this would be one of those albums that might interest you.

Towards Atlantis Lights 
Dust of Aeons 
Transcending Obscurity Records
5 March 2018

Doom metal supergroup TOWARDS ATLANTIS LIGHTS give us a sublime album of heart-wrenching drama emanating from historical events. Members of acclaimed bands like PANTHEIST, APHONIC THRENODY and VOID OF SILENCE weave together a majestic tale brimming with melancholy and emotional strife. Each song is an elegant expression of their dreamlike visions of a world long past. They carry the burden of grief passed down from centuries with utmost grace and lend to the music an unmistakable nostalgic charm that is very much palpable. TOWARDS ATLANTIS LIGHTS have created a masterpiece of epic and atmospheric death/doom metal that is tempered with talent, experience and vision. For fans of - BELL WITCH, MOURNFUL CONGREGATION, USNEA, SKEPTICISM, PANTHEIST, ILLIMITABLE DOLOR, JUPITERIAN

Band lineup:
Kostas Panagiotou (PANTHEIST, LANDSKAP) - Vocals and keyboards
Ivan Zara (VOID OF SILENCE) - Guitar 
Ivano Olivieri - Drums 

Artwork and layout - Francesco Gemelli (KATATONIA, MAYHEM, ABIGOR) 

Biography: Somewhere in the nowhere-land between the majestic remains of Ancient Rome and the emerald forests of Great Albion, the arcane forces of Towards Atlantis Lights have been silently crafting their dark art for many a starless aeon. Undeterred by the modern forces of consumerism and need for social media exhibitionism, four individuals have been patiently developing their sound, gaining inspiration from century-old traditions and forgotten lore. Ivan Zara’s (Void of Silence) enchanting, sophisticated guitar lines, meet Kostas Panagiotou’s (Pantheist) mystical keyboards, monastic chants and brutal exclamations, complemented by Riccardo Veronese’s (Aphonic Threnody) inventive bass lines and Ivano Olivieri’s pounding yet varied drums. The result of this collaboration is a number of unconventional, complex yet completely captivating tracks of arcane funeral doom metal, which resulted in our debut album ‘Dust of Aeons’. Emerging from the shadows, we feel the moment has come to reach out the hand to like-minded dark souls with what we have on offer.

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