Monday, March 19, 2018

Washington quick news: After The Fallout seeks bassist

We're a bit late on this posting, but After The Fallout is in market for a new bassist.

Hey brothers and sisters! Looking forward to throwing down at The Charleston in Bremerton WA this Friday! This will sadly also be our bassist, Adam Vosler’s, last show with After the Fallout. So come out and give him a good send off. Adam has other things he needs to focus on going forward but he’s a brother to all of us, one of our closest friends, and we wish him all the best. 
This means that ATF is looking for a new bassist! We have a busy schedule coming up, are working on pre-production for a new release, and are looking for someone able to step in and get up to speed quickly. As we play many areas you need transportation. We’re all functional adults able to contribute to the financial aspect of being in a working band and you should be too. You need to have pro gear, experience, and stage presence (we don’t stand around onstage looking bored so you can’t either)! There are shows where you’ll be asked to guarantee ticket sales. You need to be able to do this. You need to be 21+.
Initial auditions will be on our 2 singles, “Mindless Reaction” and “Lambs Become Lions”. PM us if you want a shot.

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