Saturday, March 17, 2018

Washington quick news: Voidthrone

Voidthrone is an extreme metal band from the state of Washington and they prefer to refer to their music as "unconventional blackened death metal." Unconventional means different things to everyone, but even though according to Metal Archives they began recently, in 2016, they already have a full-length album of 33 minutes of duration and four songs of black metal by the name of Spiritual War Tactics. The music would be interesting to the supporters of Washington state black metal, especially the more open-minded ones, but also to the fans of extreme metal that want to hear something that is a bit more out there. As they themselves say, they are not black metal, strictly speaking, given their incursions into some dissonant segments and some moments that point towards possible avant-garde and/or post-metal leanings. On the other hand, the vocals are, for the most part, black metal, with some death metal, and overall the music is heavy, sick and twisted, inviting listeners to find out for themselves how to interpret the band's unique chaos. The good news is that the entire recording is available for listening at the first link below. If you visit the Facebook page you will see that they do play shows in the state of Washington, that they have issued a video of the drummer at work with one of their songs, amongst other activities.
Voidthrone - Their Recursive Communion Drum Playthrough
Voidthrone - Live at the Highline in Seattle, 29JAN2017

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