Tuesday, September 19, 2017

vintage heavy metal band Night (Sweden) new album out now

The Swedish time machine makers Night released a new work called Raft of the World recently, on September 1st, 2017. Somewhere between 1970s heavy metal and the rise of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal is where you will locate the spirit of Night. You might not know what year it is when you listen to Night and that's probably the way they want it. They have in mind something particular, something different, you could say. Maybe something classic. At any rate, this is vintage heavy metal, it is the young heavy metal from a time past now brought into the present as a living thing in the form of Night. For those that are old and for those that are old at heart, too.
OFFICIAL: On September 1st 2017, Night's third full length album "Raft of the World" will be released through The Sign Records. The album consists of 9 ravishing rock hymns forged together by the band during the fall of '16, and signifies a musical progression of the band towards a more rock-based sound, without leaving their trademarked sharp edged NWOBHM attitude. With a modern take on classic rock 'n' roll, this album takes the listener on an increasingly organic and diverse journey compared to its predecessors. "Raft of the World" was recorded, produced and mixed by Ola Ersfjord (Tribulation, Dead Lord, Lizzies, Honeymoon Disease) with additional recordings (drums & bass) by Linus Lundgren at Studio Ganymeden in their hometown Linköping. Ola Ersfjord contributed to the broader production and soundscape, including instruments such as organs, acoustic guitars and percussion. Mastering was done by Chris Common (The Mars Volta, Chelsea Wolfe, Mastodon) and the artwork is made by the talented artist Mattias Frisk (Ghost, Vanhelgd, Vampire, Trap Them).
About Night: Night is a quartet hailing from the plains of Östergötland, Sweden. The band formed in 2011 and have released two full length albums and two singles. Known for their fierce and intense live performances, Night have built up a reputation as an entity to count on. Today the band consists of Oskar (vocals, electric guitar), Sammy (electric guitar), Joesph (electric bass guitar) and Dennis (battery). Lead Vocalist Oskar commented, "This album is a progression of the whole concept that is Night - both personally and musically. I felt a dire need to express myself on a more personal level, which hadn't really been a priority for me before we started to work on the new songs. Living in a world gone mad, constantly surrounded by people whose lifestyle is basically rooted in greed, unfortunately brings out the worst in otherwise "good" people. It makes you think about what is actually important in life which also triggers the creative and philosophical flow that I really think has been manifested in the new songs."

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