Saturday, September 2, 2017

NEWS: Mastercastle video

Fans of heavy metal with melodic vocals and catchy songs might be interested in the new album by Mastercastle from Italy. They also have an official video. Check it out below.
Wine Of Heaven
Scarlet Records
release: 19 May 2017
The melodic heavy metal band's 2017 album is their sixth and at this point they have an established tradition and legacy that they are continuing. It is an inheritance of sing-along songs with smooth, pleasant and gentle singing and relatively direct melodic guitar playing. Mastercastle plans to sink its hooks so deep in you that you won't soon want to stop playing the album. Essentially, they're plotting to hijack your mind and your memory. If melodic singing and melodic metal is your religion, you are likely to enjoy Mastercastle.
Biography (not updated): Mastercastle is an Italian heavy metal band that fuses traditional metal qualities with the grandiose skilled musicianship of neo-classical metal. Founded by guitarist Pier Gonella (also Necrodeath) together with vocalist , new-comer Giorgia Gueglio the band are rapidly developing a loyal fanbase and a trademark sound. The guitar work of Pier is sure to please fans of the likes of Yngwie Malmsteen with its strong riffs and explosive lead work. Whilst Giorgia Gueglio vocals are equal to task of matching Gonella’s guitar work with their great power and soaring qualities and also serve in giving Mastercastle their own unique sound. Mastercastle are completed by the rhythm section of bassist Steve Vawamas and hystorical drummer John Macaluso (Y.Malmsteen, James Labrie, Ark...) who combine to create a solid backdrop for all tracks.
Mastercastle were born in January 2008 by Pier and Giorgia. The pair had had several music projects in the past and wanted to try something different. No fixed genre was chosen with the emphasis being on producing music in a natural way. The pair wrote a number of songs and then chose 4 to record for a promo to gain label interest. The first musician contacted to help complete the demo was drummer Alessandro Bissa (Labyrinth-Vision Divine). Having worked in the past with Pier and Giorgia, Bissa’s arrival changed the initial project into a real band. The line up was completed by Steve Vawamas on bass guitar and the name Mastercastle was settled on for the new band that went on to complete the recordings of the four song demo.
On July 2008 they sent those four tracks to Lion Music, later signing with them. Mastercastle’s debut album “The Phoenix” was released on April 17 2009. The album met with widespread critical acclaim and the video for “Princess Of Love” rapidly clocked up over 150,000 views on YouTube. The album was licensed and printed in Japan under the label "Spiritual Beast". The band quickly set about entering the studio to record their second release "Last Desire" which saw release on June 18th 2010. Possessing a more straight ahead style the album once again met with critical success. The album had a second print as "special edition" with 4 bonus tracks. Wanting to build on the momentum gained from the first two releases the band set about writing and recording their third album “Dangerous Diamonds” which saw release on 18 November 2012 and saw the band merging the styles of the previous two releases to create a signature sound. Additionally the band contributed to new track “Sakura” to the Lion Music Japan Red Cross Benefit album “Embrace The Sun” (including artists like Jennifer Batten, Milan Polak and many more) and released a promo video to accompany the track.
Mid 2012 saw Mastercastle regroup to write and record their fourth album. The album has the prestigious honour of welcoming of drum legend John Macaluso to the band with a release anticipated in early 2013 on Lion Music. Due to many engagements John cannot guarantee his presence in any gig so the bands founded another equally prestigious drummer for the rest: Francesco La Rosa (Thought Machine, Meganoidi, Extrema...). On 2014 the band have a deal with Scarlet Records for the release of their fifth album. This new work, inspired by the different meanings and aspects of "censorship", has been described by the band as their heaviest effort to date, while still maintaining their trademark sound and with a special mention for the strongest production the band have ever benefited from. With the very special guest appearance by Andrea De Paoli (Labyrinth, Vision Divine), the album will be released on 14 october 2014 under Scarlet Records

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