Wednesday, September 13, 2017

NEWS: Pathology

May the deities of guttural death metal have mercy on us for being so negligent, but it's time to rectify. This year Pathology came back from what seemed like an eternity without a Pathology album. Given that the band is known for being dedicated to releasing music on a yearly basis, this self-titled album is their first since 2014, and their ninth work overall. Those who might have been wondering about the band have the answer right here, and you can hear the complete album at the first link below. Expect a serious work of guttural death metal, gargling and growling, blasting and blazing their way through the ten decompositions. The California guttural death metal royalty bring disgusting regurgitated vocals and fast, memorable riffs, presenting the question right away: Is this their most catchy work yet? I don’t want to open that can of worms, but one time I did listen to the album exclusively for five hours on repeat simply because it was flowing so well. So, there’s that. Repeated listens have confirmed the first impression, too. After spending time with it, the fans of the band should be ready to forgive the group for taking so long and for breaking their own tradition of an album on a yearly basis. Well, I don’t know about forgiveness, actually! Let’s just leave aside that grudge for now and listen to the music. The fans, however, will be glad to know that the quality of the music has not decreased. It has only improved, in my opinion.
OFFICIAL: Pathology finally makes their deadly return in 2017! This San Diego trio has come back home to Comatose Music for the release of their ninth studio album simply titled ‘Pathology’. Over two years of tenacious effort went into the creation of this self-titled album which can be described as their most superior work to date. Composed of murderous guitar riffs and a skillful drum performance chock full of grooves and blasts, topped off with filthy guttural vocals spewed forth by death metal legend Matti Way. This is the ferocious Pathology homecoming you’ve been expecting! Artwork by the great Par Olofsson. Drummer and founding member Dave Astor says, “We are very happy and excited to be working with Comatose Music again! The label has always been a great supporter of the band through the years. They put out some of the heaviest underground music out there and we are glad to be back on the roster”.
Biography: PATHOLOGY is epitomized as the ultimate death metal assault to the ears. Since their formation in 2006, the San Diego-based band has managed to release a new album almost every single year since their inception, and have sold over 100,000 albums in the underground scene. The band’s hunger to churn out bludgeoning metal coupled with meaningful themes instantly separates them from the rest.
It comes as no surprise that PATHOLOGY have created some of the most vivid and grotesque death metal in the current genre. The founding members of PATHOLOGY have roots in other extreme death metal bands, such as drummer Dave Astor as the founding member of both the grind-spazz project THE LOCUST and militant death squad CATTLE DECAPITATION.
Brimming with heavy grooves, and a tight, relenting style, PATHOLOGY delivers savory slabs of brutality Make no mistake; PATHOLOGY is not in any way suitable for a weak stomach – the onslaught of rumbling grooves coupled with guttural growls leaves fans old and new assured of the presence of PATHOLOGY’s brutality.
PATHOLOGY has toured North America, Mexico, Canada and Europe with death metal legends like OBITUARY, DEICIDE, NILE, VADER, IMMOLATION and GRAVE. They have a devoted fan base as seen by their 225,000 plus followers across their social media websites and the credibility of a hard-working, down-to-earth band who have paid their dues and risen from the underground and continue to invade and crossover to new and younger fans.
The group refuses to tone down its dangerously high level of hostility, wreaking havoc on anything that dares to step into its destructive path. Breaking the mold to create and maintain a unique, raw sound has skyrocketed PATHOLOGY to the top of the death metal elite. Championing their reigning status to stand strong outside of the mainstream solidifies PATHOLOGY as the most forward-thinking merchants of mayhem around.

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