Wednesday, September 6, 2017

review: Syn Ze Sase Tri

[review by MMB]
Syn Ze Sase Tri (Romania)
Zaul Mos
release: 29 September 2017
Can the happy, uplifting spirit of power metal coexist next to the intensity of black metal? What is necessary to make it possible? Or, is it futile to try to consummate such a marriage? Would someone raise their hand to say that they object?
Here is a band for the more adventurous metalheads that are curious to hear a group take the melodic vocals and the feel-good energy of power metal and throw it in a black metal cauldron, with intense/blasting drumming and black/death growling.
A simplified method of approaching this band is to say that they adore both power metal and black metal and they make an effort to have both genres in the songs. Such a description does not fully encompass the totality of the music, as they do more than that, but if you can handle extreme vocals like growling, screaming and screeching to symphonic, very melodious uptempo, including blasting, speeds, then you will be ok with this. There is also melodic singing, of course.
Furthermore, the band is a very interesting exposition on coagulating various nebulous styles, like power metal, symphonic metal, black metal and folk metal into a single sound within a band. Symphonic melodic extreme metal would be one way to think of it. Another way would be to see the band as a group of musicians who want the liberty to do just about anything and everything. It is not absurdist experimentation nor strange potpourri noisemaking, not at all. Actually, the power/extreme metal sound does start to make a lot of sense with more listens.
In a word, be ready! Will it be a smooth ride? Probably not! Will be a bit confusing? Very likely. It seems like they worked hard at this wild and crazy modern combination. Who knows, you might be the one that really comprehends the music. The light bulb is always ready to come on. Someone can turn it on. You can turn it on right now.

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