Saturday, September 2, 2017

free metal music: Devil Master

[by MMB]
Devil Master
Devil Master
release date: October 27th, 2016
label: Grim Winds Records
1.The Devil Master (Devil Is Your Master)
2.Distorted Paths / Fear the Future Gleam
3.Failure to Die
4.Sex with Succubus
total time 11:51
Devil Master channels the raw extremity into an ugly landscape welcoming only the most ardent diehard guardians of the necro secrecy. The cult of the cave is to record the chaos and don't attempt to make it clean and nice afterwards with technological tricks. Capture a real reflection, as much as possible, of what Devil Master sounds like at a show. Early and primal black/death/thrash/punk barrage defines the perspective at work for the music. You will have to turn up the volume on this demo in order to achieve the full rattling. You will also discover that there is some melody running through the music, but it’s not so obvious at first. Search this ritual only if you are looking for chaotic ugliness.

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