Monday, September 11, 2017

free metal music: Methrasheros

Heavy Punk
release date: September 7th, 2016
label: independent
1.Terrorismo estatal 05:17
2.Heavy Punk 02:31
3.Liberación 03:22
4.Cogollito 03:36
5.Resentido social 04:03
6.Siervos del sistema 02:55
7.Genocidio eclesiastico 04:22
8.Condenados 03:15
total time 29:21
Methrasheros is a thrash band from Argentina. They scream and rage in Spanish and as they advertise to the world, they are not shy about the two sides of their rock and roll. Heavy metal and punk turn into a volatile and dirty, angry and violent sound of crossover punk metal thrash. This band has lyrics about believing in yourself and believing that you can achieve anything you put your mind to, that is, if you are a dictator of a terrorist state. Life is fantastic and wonderful if you are rich, if you are not rich, too bad, there's not much left for you, but maybe you can be like Methrasheros and perhaps you can survive. Perhaps. Methrasheros is like you, with loud guitars and loud voices of fury. The metal punks are here.
Biography: METHRASHEROS was formed in 2006, started by Pablo Methrashero, the band went through various formations thanking the musical and friendship contribution of Ricky, Ramon, Yecid and Luis. The band after several comings and goings separates in 2012 and meets again in 2015 after several years of inactivity, returning to be reborn more aggressive and more experienced with Pablo in voice, El Negro in bass and vocals and Leandro Lapolla on drums (played once live and in several rehearsals) and Santiago Perez El Pendejo on guitar and choirs who had been part of the band in his second change of formation managing to record the first album HEAVY PUNK in 2016. El Negro Pablo and Santiago the Pendejo decide to move away from the band, to give priority to their musical projects ESKEJE and EL TRIANGULO. Lea and Pablo decide to continue with the approval of their former teammates to give him forward and in 2017 METHRASHEROS continues forward with Gaby Asko guitar and voice, Watusi in bass and vocals and Julio Pursan in guitar composing playing soon to record and keep playing.

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