Saturday, September 2, 2017

interview: Mystica Girls

Mystica Girls is a heavy metal band from Mexico City. They have been recording EPs and albums since 2008, but they started earlier, in 2005. This publication sent them some questions about the band and the latest album Veronica, the Courtesan from Hell.
Hello! How are you in Mexico City in 2017?
Hi! Thank u! Excellent. We have been working a lot more since Veronica, The Courtesan from Hell.
The band started as a cover band in 2005?
We were a cover band until 2010, that was our regular job, and thanks to this I was able to pay my career in Fermatta Academy and since 2005 to 2010 covers and guitar lessons help us to pay bills and let us to be full time with our original project, it has been difficult but not impossible.
Mystica Girls plays in many places in Mexico. Do you tour Mexico often? Have you had opportunities to play in Central America and South America?
Yes, as an independent band we have always have to search new places and it has been more difficult to have an international exposure, we have finally got some contacts in Ecuador, Argentina and Bogotá to have some shows there with the Colombian band Highway, we are always touring in Mexico because it is more easy to close deals with promoters and festivals and as an-all girl band and a metal band people have recognized us more through the time, we have become a well known band here.
Do you have plans for the U.S.?
USA has been a very difficult country for us, we have lots of fans, but we are independent and MEXICANS, that force us bands here to go illegally and tour in USA, and actually is more risky for us if we don’t get a Visa Work, and all promotes don’t want to make that kind of investment, so we are trying to get all the contacts in different places of USA to finally go to the embassy and try to be approved to tour there, so this really has been a nightmare for a band like us, but soon or late we will have some shows there, its just a matter of time, and savings lol.
Are you in contact with any record label here in the U.S.?
Not yet. We have been seeking but have no answer yet
Is it true that your band is independent and not signed to a label in Mexico? Is this your choice? Do you prefer to be independent?
We have all the things we have thanks to our work since 2005, we have received some invitations to labels but they want from us other type of image, music and more, we don’t play music only but only for money, we have a message to say, and not everybody understand that, so we have discovered that it is a difficult path to go, but not an impossible one, we see our project as an enterprise, it is our business, we have now people who is part of our team work, we are now working with Terraza Records that help us to release our two versions of Veronica, The Courtesan from Hell cd, but only that. We produce our project, but we are not close to get the next step, to finally get an international booking agency or things like that, we are seeking them, but still independents and if that never happens, we will continue our work as we know it has been working until now.
In 2016 you had the album Veronica, the Courtesan from Hell. You did the album in a Spanish version and also the English version. Are you pleased with the results of doing the album in two languages? Do you think you will do that again or not?
Of course! They are two different albums that complements each other with the artwork, the simple way to have two languages in the songs let us have different aspects of the same song, we were right to make this choice and it has worked very well, people from the overseas ask a lot more for the English version, while for some German people, the Spanish version has been like an exotic Mexican metal album, and here in Mexico people love to sing the songs in our language, so it has been a very pleasant result for us.
Who are the current members of the band in 2017 and how long has each member been in the band? Are any of you in other bands?
Cinthya Blackcat, voice and lead guitar, 12 years
Yoli Moreno, drums, 5 years
Bianka Roads, rhythm guitar, 2 years, and LaKorn bassdoll, 1 year
We usually collaborate in other musical projects but we only have Mystica Girls as a current band
Now that Mystica Girls has been around a while, since 2005, how would you say your objectives with the band are different from 2005?
We think we have achieve step by step every goal we have set since that year, we have learned a lot of things, and we know what we have to do to continue our musical path and we are happy because we see al the results of our hard work and people follow us and support us, too.
What are your plans for the rest of 2017 and for 2018?
In first place is to release our DVD, we are preparing and acoustic show with some new songs, we are planning 2 or 3 official videos and still continue with the research of other countries to have any tour outside Mexico, we will focus only in international show for now, we are still having the Veronica national tour and continue with that
How can your fans support your band?
We have our digital albums on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon mp3, Apple Music, Google Play, YouTube, we have an online store available in or you can write us on facebook and we make national and international shippings, we have our albums, t-shirts, signed pictures, caps, mugs, etc. We always appreciate our fans support, thanks to them we can continue investing on new projects involved with the band.
What other news do you have about your band?
You can visit our Vevo channel on Youtube and check out two videoclips from the DVD recorded at Circo Volador in Feb 17, we are updating too the official picture of the band and starting to compose some new songs. Thank u for reading and stay in touch!

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