Wednesday, September 13, 2017

review: Arallu

[review by MMB]
release date: September 22, 2017
label: Transcending Obscurity Records
Within Arallu's music there is taking place, from the perspective of the metal music public in the United States, something imaginative and rather unique. The Israeli group succeeds at its chosen enterprise of extreme metal with Middle Eastern flavors. The songs have a foundation in black metal and although they maintain a high level of intensity throughout, blasting speeds are utilized not monotonously but they are present.
The vocals are mostly black metal and they are of the abrasive kind, and this may reduce the number of people who might be interested in Arallu. Sometimes the vocals have a tendency to slip "mad man in state of hysteria" mode. The music at first may sound a bit abrasive, too, due to what might seem like a strange mix of extreme metal chaos fury, being intoxicated with belly-dancing sounds and melodies. Is it a bit crazy? Yup, a bit! However, this is where experience and knowledge count the most. If they were inexperienced it might sound weird, like they would be biting more than they can chew. It would show that they have an active imagination, but that they do not possess the wherewithal to do this correctly, and that they don't actually know how to bring their vision to life. Thankfully, that's not true; they do know how to do this and it sounds right.
A band like Melechesh is rightfully recognized for their "Mesopotamian metal," a style not too far away from Arallu's. AlNamrood is a black metal entity that also has brought to the attention of some publications the idea of "Arabian" or "Middle Eastern extreme metal," and they have been doing it for years. Of course, Nile has a played an important role in pioneering the use of Middle Eastern sounds, melodies and influences to extreme metal in general. Maybe it is time to recognize what Arallu is doing, too. Or more correctly, maybe it is time for those of us, like me, who have missed the boat on this band, to step up and find out more about their discography. They have been doing this for years, too. They began in 1998 and they have six albums now, in addition to other recordings. This new one, in my opinion, is undeniable evidence that Arallu has worked hard at their craft.

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