Sunday, September 10, 2017

interview: NervoChaos

Brazilian extreme metal band NervoChaos is very active in touring. Originally, the band started more than 20 years ago, in 1996, actually. They have at least seven studio albums, along with other releases like EPs, splits, demos, live albums and compilations. Some time ago they announced something very interesting: they said they were going to tour in Brazil, but they really meant it; it wasn’t a so-called tour of six or seven shows, it was going to be an extended tour to get to many places. This was interesting because Brazil is a big country of some 200 million people. It has at least 17 cities with a million people or more, and then there are more than 20 cities with more than a half million people, and right after that, there are many, many cities and towns with four, three, two hundred thousand people, and that’s not even counting the places with over a hundred thousand people. So, why is it that when we read about bands touring in Brazil, it’s only a few places?
Anyway, here was NervoChaos. They were going to do an extended tour. Guess what happened?! Well, why don’t we let them explain how it all took place. Edu, the drummer with the band since 1996, answered these questions. By the way, don’t forget, listen to the complete 2017 album called Nyctophilia at the first link below. Of course, they are always ready to tour and later on in September and October they are headed to Europe.
Recently I read that NervoChaos did a big tour of Brazil! From the information I saw it appears that NervoChaos did concerts in many places in Brazil. How many shows/cities in total did NervoChaos do?
We've been touring Brazil since 96, but we never did something like this last Brazilian tour, I mean, for the first time (in Brazil) a METAL band did such a long tour and in a nightliner. We did 54 shows in 72 days and we had a blast. We want to bring that culture to Brazil, where bands go out on long tours, on nightliners and doing shows almost everyday. Also it's an opportunity to bring METAL to smaller towns. We plan on doing a big tour like that every year. For sure we got to know much better our own country and had a much closer and direct contact with our fans.
In the past I see that Brazilian and international bands play in Brazil, but the bands play only a few places/cities. Are there any other metal bands that do extensive tours of Brazil like you did?
Our first Brazilian tour was back in 1997 with KRISIUN, where we did 6 dates riding a van. In 2002, we did another Brazilian tour, this time with TORTURE SQUAD, where we did 15 dates riding regular bus lines. A very selected group of Brazilian bands are touring Brazil mostly in vans or regular bus lines or flying, but usually no longer than 20/25 dates. So, once again, in the Brazilian scene, we're pioneers starting the culture of touring in nightliners and doing gigs almost everyday. We also bring our own backline and a support band to the package. We hope more and more bands do that over here, once it's the only way to survive doing what we do.
Where did you have the biggest shows in Brazil? Did you have some small shows, too?
Yes, there are some big shows and some small shows too. Each and every show for us is unique and special its own way and we play it as its our last gig ever, giving always 120%...we always hope to return to the cities we've played before but, as well, to play in new cities is always awesome too. Brazilian fans are extremely passioned, it's a huge country and we love touring it.
What obstacles are there for the band for touring Brazil more, on a regular basis?
I think the infrastructure sometimes is a challenging obstacle, I mean some roads are really bad and some gas stations touring in a nightliner saves costs with hotel and transportation but we do need some infrastructure working to have proper conditions to be on the road for such a long time. Also, over here, people are not yet used to having shows during week days, so slowly we're showing it's possible to do it and it's good for everybody, I mean, the local scene, the local venues, local promoters, local headbangers and etc. Also, there are not a lot of nightliner companies to rent from, but I think that format of tour is the future of our business here in Brazil and it will develop. On this last tour we managed to cover our expenses and even make some cash. We do plan to tour Brazil on this format every year and of course we'll try to improve small details here and there but in general it was an awesome and very positive experience.
What is next for NervoChaos? Nyctophilia is your album from 2017. Did Brazilians writers give it a good response? Who are the current members of the band in 2017?
Nyctophilia got awesome reviews in Brazil and I should say worldwide as well. We'll for sure keep touring in support of the new album until late next year. This year we'll reach around 150 gig. We did a Latin American Tour and a Asian Tour with KRISIUN. We did Brazil as headliners and now we're heading to Europe until the end of November. We're already working on some new material for the next studio album, but we should record it only next year to be released in early 2019. Our current line-up has Lauro vocal/guitar, Cherry guitar, Thiago bass and me on drums.
Do you have any other news? Where can new fans hear your album Nyctophilia?
You can check us out on all the main social medias such as Bandcamp, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram or visit our website for more info. Thanks for such an interesting interview and for the support! For passion not the death!

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