Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Last Year's Tragedy is a metalcore band from Kenya. Below you will find a bit of information about the band, and also you can hear their recording, which is a free/name-your-price EP.
Last Year’s Tragedy is a band from Nairobi, Kenya. The gang met in university and were brought together by their common musical interests. In a country where there are very few rock bands, not to mention heavy ones, it was initially difficult for the band to break through. LYT kept practicing and playing in various small shows and band battles, and in the end inspired other heavy bands to form and join the scene. The movement is growing, not just in Kenya, but across East Africa, and it won’t be long before LYT is sharing stages with other bands from across Africa and the world..."
The band is:
Chizi - Lead vocals
Jose - Lead Guitar
Mahia - Bass
Stan - Drums
Dee - Rhythm Guitar
Ted - Clean Vocals
Ruto - Keys
www.twitter.com/Dee_spicable www.twitter.com/Ruto_K www.twitter.com/Joseph_LYT www.twitter.com/kaikannai

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