Thursday, July 2, 2015


Carnival of Flesh is a "symphonic black metal" band from Serbia. They a new album out in 2015. The band has a quite a history, actually, which you can read below.
This album is a self-release and you can hear at the link below.
If you like "symphonic black metal" and you'd like a band from Serbia do it, then here's Carnival of Flesh.
Carnival Of Flesh (Serbia): Stories Of A Fallen World (self-release)
The story of Carnival of Flesh starts in late 2002, when two guys, Dachaz and Dam, wanted to reshape the Serbian black metal scene with a sound that escapes the traditional black Metal boundaries. This sound was commonly described as a refreshing mix of heavier guitars and more mind-blowing symphonies than usual.
Many of the local media outlets recognised the potential in this sound and insisted on reviewing rehearsal materials as demos, to which the creative duo strongly opposed, since the sound was not yet what they had envisioned.
As expected, such an insane combination was not easily executed and the band suffered from frequent personnel changes over the years, until officially splitting up in 2008.
In 2014., after a long hiatus, Dachaz decided to reboot Carnival of Flesh as a studio project. Over the course of the year, the perfect conditions were created for recording: Some of the best songs from the past were hand-picked from the vault, their arrangements were updated, lyrics conceptually rewritten and some of the best personnel was engaged. Guitars and bass were performed by the infamous Jake O’Bayne, while the drums were executed by one and only Vojin Ratković. The album was meticulously recorded, mixed and produced by internationally acclaimed Ivan Ilić Ćili. Thus, “Stories From a Fallen World” were born.

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