Thursday, July 2, 2015


by MMB
Hammer King (Germany): Kingdom of the Hammer King (Cruz del Sur Music)
Patrick Fuchs, the singer, used to be in a band called Men of War, a Manowar tribute band. Patrick is also the singer in Ross the Boss, the band led by former Manowar guitarist Ross the Boss. Now, this band is named Hammer King. You can't accuse this band of deceptive advertising. This is anthem metal all the way. They tell you right away what you are going to get, and they give it you, just like they said they would. So, let's get to it and let's do it right! Hammer King seeks to prove that they are the kings of metal, and want to live on the road and make speakers explode. They don't attract wimps because they are too loud and the true metal people are Hammer King's crowd.
Who are you? Do you think it is "ridiculous" to be metal like Hammer King? Do you feel like you are above this style? Do you think that you are too smart and too superior for this? Well, this band is not for you, then! Catchy heavy metal anthems, and song structures to bang your head, that's what Hammer King has waiting for you. Especially now that the old kings sound tired and ready to retire, it could be time for the new kings. Do you want to join this ride into the future? Hammer King could go a long way, but they won't if nobody cares and listens. They have the songs and that's what the kingdom needs: metal anthems. Bring on the new kings.

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