Wednesday, July 1, 2015


by MMB
Blizzard Hunter (Peru): Heavy Metal to the Vein (Pure Underground Records)
Modern mainstream metal music is so awful for some metalheads that they have turned away from the "computer metal" and are fighting back with traditional, screaming heavy metal. Perhaps people who are tired of the same old bands would like to try something different for a change?
"Heavy Metal to the Vein" is more than the title of the album, it is everything that expresses the sound of Blizzard Hunter, which began in 2006, and whose 2014 EP is called "Conqueror of Destiny." Now the 2015 album comes out to celebrate their love of classic early 80s traditional heavy metal. Blizzard Hunter, like many Latin American bands, is extremely proud to be metal. It is not easy to be metal, to form a band and to keep that band playing traditional heavy metal anywhere, and it probably is no picnic to keep Blizzard Hunter together in Lima, Peru. No matter, the band has persevered, and here they are making the heavy metal for the headbangers of the world.
You could describe their sound as New Wave of British Heavy Metal or traditional heavy metal like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. They don't like the computer metal music sound of modern times and they seek a more human, honest vibe. This album will please the metalheads who are into traditional/classic metal sounds that stand apart from the dominant trends. Give a chance to Blizzard Hunter and see if this is something for you. You'll probably have to adjust your ears a bit because it's the sound from a different era: screaming heavy metal, when heavy metal was young and wild, not old, fat and bald.
Blizzard Hunter - Heavy Metal to the Vein (Official Video)

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