Thursday, July 9, 2015


by MMB
Iron Kingdom (Canada): Ride for Glory
Iron Kingdom (from British Columbia) plays traditional, screaming heavy metal, with a sound akin to perhaps late 70s Judas Priest and pre-1982 Maiden: an uptempo/midtempo guitar-centered sound in which the drums and the bass are clearly heard, and in which the whole band shines through in the songs. The singing is traditional, high/melodic singing that goes for the high notes.
What is important and what is not important to Iron Kingdom? The things that are not important are: playing fast for speed’s sake, having the most computer savvy sound. The issues that are important: play heavy metal that underlines the song, and let the riffs, the singing, the drumming, let it be in the service of the song.
Would it be correct to say that Iron Kingdom has rebelled against robotized computer metal? It sure appears that way. Vocally, 70s Judas Priest/Rush are good reference points, in that the band is not shy about high screams in the songs. Sing-along chorus lines are part and parcel of Iron Kingdom. The band also likes to contrast big riffs with some quiet melodies, one moment it’s heavy metal glory, then it’s mellow melodies, before coming back to the thick of the song.
Despite all the references to the classics of heavy metal, to my ears Iron Kingdom sounds like Iron Kingdom only. The band carries itself with a sense of purpose and seriousness about the tradition that they uphold. You can hear the devotion in the songs, the effort to make a quality album, and a certain amount of experience.
Supporters of younger bands that have picked up the flag of classic-style heavy metal should certainly seek this band.
Iron Kingdom - The Samurai

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