Monday, July 27, 2015


Angélida (Spain) plays symphonic metal. Below you can hear the music at the Bandcamp link. Also, below is the bio of the band.
"Angélida is a symphonic metal group formed in mid-2006 Zaragoza founded by Joseph A. Benavente (composer, lyricist and drums) and Javier Ferrandez (guitars). In its early years, the group carried out the recording of their first album (Decanimae, 2007), produced by David Marco in lunanueva studies with getting various awards (Best Young Motion, Finalists Enróckate 08 Semifinalists PopyRock finalists Interpeñas 07/09, winner of the contest Cd San Felices ...) and rave reviews in the music scene for his album-debut.
In 2008 they suffered a few months of inactivity as far as concerts are concerned due to the restructuring of the band. In March 2009 they resume their activity and begin preparing his new work, while presenting live to the new formation. In November of the same year, beginning the recording sessions of the topics that will contain their new LP "The city of the birds"; a conceptual work consists of 11 songs, which Angélida shows its darker and enigmatic while presenting the new additions discographically side. With it, they get open market outside his native Spain up to commercialize its disc in China, Canada and much of South America.
In 2012, and with a large number of collaborating musicians, edited "The Dreaming League", his third studio album. Five songs with melody, strength and feeling that has characterized them and an orchestral version of each of them, which is probably the most bombastic and epic album they have released to date.
Currently the band is promoting his latest work in social networks having achieved wide acceptance among the public in Latin America, the US and Japan.

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