Wednesday, July 8, 2015


by MMB
Frosthelm (U.S.): The Endless Winter
Bands that play black thrash frequently show certain sophistication in taste and experience. Thrash has a wonderful energy, speed and tightness, but with some thrash you also get unprofessional/amateur hardcore vocals, all anger, not so much talent or skill. Thrash bands play fast, but often lack distinctive riffing. On the other hand, some black metal sounds like it could be great, but the garage sound quality ruins the experience. Consider the black thrash of Frosthelm: professional, clear production, grim vocals, huge thrashing riffs, black metal melodies and hooks, some blasting and tight execution. You can hear the music well; they are not hiding behind bad sound quality; you can hear the real melodies of black metal. This band is from North Dakota, U.S. They have an EP from 2012 and this 2015 album. The EP was real good, in my opinion, and now we get the answer to the question: Can this band keep up the quality and the great vibe of the EP?! Absolutely! Don't ignore them just because they are from North Dakota, and not from some famous big city like Yakima, Washington or Ferndale, Washington. I don't know if they still live in North Dakota or not, but it does not matter. They have a special quality in their "black thrash" and that's what's important. Let's hope that this is just the beginning. There is metal in North Dakota, friend.

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