Wednesday, July 29, 2015


by MMB
Evil Force (Paraguay): Ancient Spores
Evil Force is as honest as possible with the sound of their thrash (think Nuclear Assault, Vio-lence, Hirax, and “Thrash Zone”-era DRI) for 2015. This band is also exclusively for the lunatics that never get enough thrash from the old school. The band began in 2005 and has a multitude of demos and splits that glorify thrash metal as much as humanly possible. The band has three recordings EPs/splits released as splits in 2014 and this album seems to include some or all songs from those. The band is a not a Johnny-come-lately and they sound like experts at thrash with the mentality of the classic days brought into today. The people that appreciate the direct impact of thrash songs, like the old Bay Area bands, and want to hear new (or new to you) bands, Evil Force would be perfect for those seeking thrash with the attitude of the golden age.
Evil Force - Spitting Rage ***NEW SONG***

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