Sunday, November 16, 2014

Have you heard CASTLE FREAK yet?

Have you heard?
Castle Freak: "Still Rotting" (Tridroid Records)
Tridroid Records has unleashed Still Rotting by Philadelphia's "CASTLE FREAK". Self described as "grinding death punks" the band play sick music inspired by bands such as Repulsion, Autopsy, Carnivore and old-school Megadeth.
Staying true to its old-school roots, Still Rotting is released on limited edition cassette format by Tridroid Records. A digital version also be available.
Still Rotting album credits:
Andrew Gigan - Vocals/Guitar
Blaze Reichert - Guitar
Dylan Zdanavage - Bass
Pierson Roe - Drums
CASTLE FREAK - Sickening Corpses

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