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favorite metal in 2014, by Void Ritual

favorite metal in 2014, by Void Ritual
Daniel Jackson is the person behind black metal entity VOID RITUAL from New Mexico, U.S. Metal Bulletin Zine asked Daniel about his favorite metal in 2014, and this was his response, but before his response, this is Metal Bulletin Zine’s views on Void Ritual’s 2014 EP.
Void Ritual (U.S.): Holodomor (Tridroid Records)
The grim, necro black metal of Void Ritual is fast, intense worship of “Transylvanian Hunger” and “Pure Holocaust.” The throat-destroying screaming and tremolo-is-king guitar playing is surprisingly catchy cave art and is the work of one “Daniel Jackson,” the person behind other entities like Ancestral Oath and Daemonus, according to Metal Archives. Even after hearing this three-song EP about a million times, the charm does not wear off, a good sign if you can’t get enough black metal. (By the way, “Daniel” has told this zine that he does/play everything, except the drumming, which is programmed).
Here is Daniel’s answer.
Perhaps because I released an EP myself this year, I’m a bit more prone to enjoying or wanting to highlight metal releases from this year that are shorter in length. Perhaps it’s a self-serving point of view, but I find that especially in this digital-centric chapter in music history, the EP as a format makes more sense than ever. It’s a great way to avoid filler and you can maintain a more consistent stream of releases rather than having longer releases with longer gaps in between. There have been a number of great EPs this year, and while these are my five favorites, they’re by no means the only worthwhile EPs released in 2014.
Bölzer - Soma
A lot of folks are talking about Bölzer, and understandably so. They’re forging a unique musical path in a death metal scene that either seems obsessed with nostalgia or hyper-technicality and note-heavy noodling. You can read up on the non-musical issues that people have brought up about the band and come to your own decisions on that, but focusing on Bölzer’s music, it’s some of the most interesting extreme metal happening right now.
Purchase Bölzer - Soma
Castle Freak - Still Rotting
I mentioned death metal’s obsession with nostalgia when writing about Bölzer, but that doesn’t mean I’m necessarily opposed to nostalgia minded bands. Castle Freak is a great example of a band that’s stuck in the past in the best way possible. There’s no reason you shouldn’t listen to these guys if you’re a fan of Repulsion’s Horrified. As far as old school death metal goes, it looks back further than most for its influences in that it’s like a blend of that Repulsion/Autopsy style stuff along with riffs that would feel at home on later era Darkthrone stuff, meaning the more punk/crust side of things rather than the 90s black metal material.
Purchase Castle Freak - Still Rotting
Chainbreaker - Constant Graving
This is just infectious, catchy heavy metal. It’s got a nice layer of filth on top of it, so if you’re into what Midnight has been doing with their Venom/Motörhead blending; you should enjoy the hell out of this. For someone like me who spends a lot of time listening to the more extreme end of things, it’s good to crack open a beer or six and remember that metal used to be and still can be a lot of fun.
Purchase Chainbreaker - Constant Graving
Predatory Light - MMXIV
Perhaps I’m partial to them because they’re based out of Santa Fe, near my hometown here in Albuquerque, NM, but I think the music speaks for itself. It’s an interesting blend eastern melodies, doom, and warped, disorienting tremolo black metal riffing. I saw these guys live with Thou and Cloud Rat earlier this year and they were excellent in a live environment as well. They’re exploring some interesting territory, so this is a group to look out for in the future.
Purchase Predatory Light - MMXIV
Yellow Eyes - Stillicide
This is a very late entry as it’s only just coming out on November 28th, but it’s definitely worth going out of your way to hear. This is black metal that fluctuates between both 90s second wave black metal atmosphere and the twisting longer form riffs that have become more common in black metal in 2014. If you’re someone like me who loves the newest Blut Aus Nord album, this should absolutely be in your wheelhouse.
Purchase Yellow Eyes - Stillicide (Available 28/11/2014)

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