Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Fimbulvet (Germany): Frostbrand-Eines Bildnis Tracht (Einheit Produktionen)

Fimbulvet (Germany): Frostbrand-Eines Bildnis Tracht (Einheit Produktionen)
Einheit Produktionen albums frequently present surprises of all kinds within the realm of pagan/nature/folk and black metal that seems to be the common area of operation. Every album from Einheit Produktionen offers something unique, a bit quirky that is interesting to explore. Maybe the total experts in pagan metal may not feel this way, but since most of us are not specialists in pagan metal, Einheit bands bring interesting sounds, and Fimbulvet is no exception.
Fimbulvet navigates well the purposeful contradictions in its sound. The growling is death/black with some “brutality” in the vocals. The melodic singing seems a bit out of place at first, but soon it becomes obvious that this is the way they want it. Growling and singing is a mark of identity for Fimbulvet, which is remarkably thrashy in its riffs and tempo, and as a result, the songs become accessible rather quickly. You might as well call this thrashy/melodic pagan metal, and the potential for the band seems large. The elements of Fimbulvet’s metal are: thrashy riffing/drumming (uptempo/headbanging) + “brutal death/black” growling + melody/melodic passages (hooks, riffs, solos; tempos/segments) + melodic singing in the folky style. At times, the sound is close to melodic black metal, but there are other things going on so that no one label really works.
People into pagan metal in Germany obviously would know a lot more about where Fimbulvet fits in the order of things in metal in that country, but don’t be surprised if this band’s name starts to circulate around more. With an album like this one, it will be not unexpected if the listening public into this style catapults this band to higher ground and greener pastures. After all, this is the band’s fourth full-length studio album, and their experience shows, given that the album sounds professional. Fimbulvet has a lot to offer to the listener into pagan metal, although outside of that particular category the band sounds accessible to the listener that enjoys bands that like to mix “extreme metal” with melody and singing. Look into this album if you have not already done so.
Fimbulvet - Monument (Frostbrand - Eines Bildnis Tracht) (2014)
Complete concert - FIMBULVET - live (26.12.2013 Berlin, K17) HD

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