Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Have you heard this metal yet? Nader Sadek: The Malefic: Chapter III

This is Nader Sadek: "The Malefic: Chapter III"
Nader Sadek Official statement:
"Musically, the EP runs through a variety of emotions and styles, resulting in a schizophrenic sound that nonetheless yields a tight, cacophonous, and nightmarish unit, serving the album’s concept of a man’s struggle with the self-defeating consequences of his own decisions. It can be said that each track leans towards a different subgenre of extreme metal, starting with mid 90's style Death metal, coursing through Black metal, going back to late 80s era Death metal and finally concluding with a Doom metal track. However, the general feel of the EP is an undeniably intense Death metal vibe."
Nader Sadek - Carrion Whispers

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