Sunday, November 23, 2014

some favorite albums of 2014, by Seamus from the metal music show Excuse All the Blood

some favorite albums of 2014, by Seamus from the metal music show Excuse All the Blood
Excuse All the Blood is a metal music show. Seamus is the host. The show is on every Friday night at 11pm.
These are the sounds that Seamus has been into during 2014:
The last show of every year is my 'Top 10 Albums of the Year' Show and I'm working on that now. So, for my definitive list, check out that show but here's some of the top ones in no solid order:
I'm REALLY enjoying the Hiraeth demo. It's violent and noisy and it helps that it's American. It's raw (as its a demo and black metal) which adds to the intensity.
I also like the new Deadlife-the full length. I don't have the EP. I can do without the instrumentals but the rest of it is killer. I love depressive black metal with pained vocals and this definitely fits that. This one is definitely in my top five.
Vuyvr's 'Incinerated Gods' EP is really good. As its an EP it's too short but the vocals are intense.
I'm a huge Sargeist fan so 'Feeding the Crawling Shadows' is in my top 10. It's emotional-I usually fall asleep listening to it. That's weird-it's heavy as hell but relaxes me. What does that say about me??
'Permanence', the Vermin Womb EP is really good. I've played it a lot on the show. It's a bit groovy for my taste but I like the fast parts a lot and the vocals. I think some of the guys were in Withered and I dug Withered so...
I LOVE the new Ulvegr, 'The Call of Glacial Emptiness'. I'm a Ukrainian black metal junky anyway but this is really good. It's more polished than most of the albums I've been into it but it's amazing, nonetheless.
I've played the British band Writhe's demo a few times on the show. It's too short (two songs) but I really like it.
Maybe my favorite album of the year, though, is the Dying out Flame CD 'Shiva Rudrastakam'. They're from Nepal and it sounds traditional. I don't know traditional Nepali music really but it sounds like it would be. Traditional and technical! It reminds me of Lykathea Aflame-an amazing band. With Dying out Flame, some of the solos even sound like retro-thrash. Count me in! The order of the other albums may go back and forth but I think this is my favorite of the year.
Sorry this isn't 20 or too descriptive but this is what I came up with on my planning period!

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